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Wingle is a business platform that facilitates mutually beneficial co-operation between organizations involved in the personal electronics, health care and electronic consumer industry. Our team is involved in a variety of business projects with multiple partners from the personal electronics, health care and innovation research industry. Our multidisciplinary, decentralized project teams specialize in making connections with and between companies together to drive value through integrated business projects and management. Found in 2010

Dmitri Churakov CEO

Dmitri Churakov / CEO

Areas of activity

Wingle Technology

  • WIMS
  • Research & development
  • Methodology

Wingle Сonsulting

  • Market intelligence
  • Accelerator

Wingle Trading

  • Import-Export
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Agency and commercial representation service

Why Wingle ?

Focused on best results for our customers

Speed and agility in finding relevant solutions

Immersion in the industry

Our clients

Products manufacturers

Multinational corporation

Consulting companies

Investment companies

Public organizations and associations

Trading companies

We offer high-quality services and guarantee professional solutions to complex international problems.
The majority of our clients become regular business partners.