vapor classification

About the project

Wingle has designed VaporClassification to help the industry participants improve their understanding of the differences among the vaping device models, and to make the end user’s product choice easier.


VaporClassification system

VaporClassification system can be used and applied in the following areas and by these groups:


Regulatory agencies

Control of imported products(customs): the customs codes for product categories,

Standardization of quality control (public health): a system of testing for individual components or the device itself

Certification regulations

Taxation (customs code/type of product)


Simplification and systematization of export documents

Standardization of internal quality control

End - Users

Knowledge of technical specifications/product category, price range, ability to do comparative analysis when purchasing

Risk mitigation through certification and regulation of the quality of goods


Simplification of document turnover in the import

Reduce risk of litigation costs

The vaping device classification system

The Vaping Device Classification System encompasses four classes of devices including three electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS):


conventional-look devices; hereinafter, cig-a-likes;


advance personal vaporizers, mods falling under this category;


electronic hookahs


herbal / wax / oil vaporizers


hybrid Devices



Each device consists of two major components:

an vaporizer (E)

power supply (P)

Attached to each other by a connector.  The vaporizer includes an atomizer (a unit for liquid vaporization and atomization), a tank, air ducts, wires, controls and a mouthpiece.  The power supply assembly includes one or more batteries, displays, wires and controls.  Each connector has two interfaces, one mated to a vaporizer and the other to the power supply.


Classification system diagram

Classification system diagram
Overall view of our classification system is shown in diagram where the four vaping device classes are depicted along each other.
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