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About Wingle

Wingle is a Hong Kong-based company founded in 2010. It is a business platform that promotes mutually beneficial cooperation between companies working with consumer electronics, healthcare, and consumer goods. The main goal of the company is to drive clients' value through integrated business projects and product management. We are to deliver expertise on M&A, open innovations, and business intelligence solutions.

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What we offer

Why Wingle ?

Client-oriented approach
Control the process with your decisions
Speed and agility in finding relevant solutions.
We know how to solve biz challenges and build long-term business models
Deep immersion in the high-tech industry.
Our team of consultants have more than 10 years of IT experience


Wingle team regularly finds, collects, and analyses only fact-checked information about innovations, technologies, funding programs, and high-impact events and persons at the consumer markets all over the Globe. If you can't find relevant insight, contact us, and we will provide exclusive inputs gathered in a report specifically tailored to your business needs.

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