Dmitri Churakov


The story of the future CEO's professional growth began with the position of a senior partner position at Fusion Group (2008), where the future leader spent almost four years learning the intricacies of business processes in the consumer electronics segment. Having established a professional groundwork and his own view on doing business, Dmitri Churakov founded Wingle Group Electronics with Yevhenii Baliura and moved to the position of CEO, which he has been holding since September 2011.

Dmitri Churakov harmoniously combines strategic management and business development skills in the challenges and threats of the digital economy with profound and practical experience in product management and life-cycle, organization of production, and sales processes.

An outstanding analytical mind when formulating marketing strategies, and excellent personal skills in business negotiations and trade deals help the CEO find the most effective and commercially profitable solutions for the company and maintain a competitive advantage even in the most complicated circumstances.

Dmitri has excellent time-management and team-building skills, which allow him to be personally involved in projects’ supervision and maintain feedback from clients. Dmitri Churakov always keeps his hand on the pulse and responsibly refers to the issue of innovative business development. Thanks to his initiative a start-up hub was created within Wingle Group Electronics, uniting the best ideas and minds in the field of consumer electronics development.

The impeccable business reputation of Dmitri is based on his commitment to strict compliance with confidentiality rules, fulfillment of accepted agreements, and non-disclosure of customers' personal information to competitors in the presence of short-term profits for the company or other pressure from third parties.

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