Business Consulting

Wingle offers you a high-qualified international team of specialists, who will find personalized solutions for your business in marketing research, investment, and funding, leading and supporting projects through each stage of development.

The company has also a diverse cooperative portfolio for enterprises:

strategy planning and forecasting

investment management

strategy planning and foresight

market insight

start-up financing turnkey management

We care about the business reputation of each of our clients and guarantee the security and confidentiality of business information.

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Business intelligence

Information plays a key role in decision-making. Data that is available directly from corporate information systems is often presented in a non-unified, fragmented form, unprepared for analysis. Business Intelligence systems enable the integration of actual data accumulated by a company in various systems and turn it into useful knowledge for making effective business decisions.

What do we offer?

Deployment of BI systems is a serious investment in a data-driven approach. Decisions should be based on historical and predictable data, not on intuition and personal experience.

competitor analysis;

sales planning, real-time assessment of plan fulfillment;

budget planning, cash flow analysis;

analysis of competitive products, market research;

production planning, operational supply management, inventory management

Open innovation services

Open innovation services are crucial for businesses aiming to grow in today’s evolving and dynamic markets. The imbalance between products and services has decreased over the past decade, with products taking a steadily smaller share of the market pie. SMEs and enterprises are beginning to implement a more customer-focused and services-oriented approach. Today, openness is the path that can turn businesses into front-runners.

Open innovation services

What do we offer?

Tech landscaping

Technology landscaping is frequently the first step of an open innovation project. Being aware of the latest breakthroughs in a certain scientific or technological field, looking for one's competitors or trying to find out what they are doing, identifying new ideas based on the latest advances in the research world, solving a new problem - these are some reasons for reaching the Tech landscaping. Achieving technology landscaping is the exploration, in a systematic and structured way, of existing expertise to obtain a vision. The fact of reaching the Tech landscape also allows avoiding the risk of reinvention.


Troubleshooting involves several elements. First, a clear and specific problem must be formulated (and check to see if it has not been resolved before). This issue, once clarified, helps identify the ecosystem or ecosystems that can bring ideas or elements of an answer to the troubleshooting effort. It remains to engage that ecosystem by identifying the experts who can contribute best.

Technology Transfer

At the very core of the concept of open innovation is technology transfer or the validation of research results. Technology transfer is a process that allows technology to be exploited for a new application, a new product, or a new service. Technology transfer, therefore, adds value by commercializing technology, whether new or already known, from the developer of the technology to the would-be beneficiaries.

Disruptive innovation

A lot of businesses want to implement disruptive innovations in their niche to improve their competitiveness. Disruptive innovation confronts incremental innovation by creating a gap - technological, in the business model, in approach to customer , in cost - that ultimately creates a new market and makes existing solution sets outdated.

Product management

Product management is the system for managing the creation and launch of a new product as well as working to support and develop it in the market. When a company releases a minimum viable product (MVP - minimum viable product), it is time to calculate demand in this area and refine the product based on reality.

Product management

What do we offer?

Generation of idea flow and formation of market hypotheses for an individual project or a portfolio of related projects

Study of the potential market and client experience with a formation of trends of future client preferences

Marketing intelligence and competitor analysis

Formation of personal product-development strategies

Managing the roles of roadmap users: owner, reviewer, and viewer

Testing design, product and marketing with users and generating reports on the feedback received.

Leadership article

Why should hardware & IoT products focus on product management

For the average person IT is surrounded with a halo of technological mystery: geniuses of all ages and nationalities create product masterpieces under the cover of obscure languages and terms to make our life more comfortable and safer. However, sometimes the ambition of the management or the project team is too high, and then comes the collapse. A textbook example of fuck-up projects is the story of the start-up Theranos: its failure was delayed..


What is M&A?

Mergers and acquisitions are the most complex and most profitable way to change your business: they are used both to reorganize or transform a business and to create a new business using various financial instruments of contribution to the share capital of another company.

With each passing day, M&A are becoming an increasingly important mechanism in the development of the corporate finance market . Moreover, they are often used to maximize the financial value and market potential of new companies, and for small innovative businesses M&A is one of the fastest ways to quickly capitalize and grow in a highly competitive market.


Wingle consulting department offers the following services to your business:

Business sale

Business buying

Raising finance

Restructuring of a business (carve-out, spin-off)

Establishment of a joint venture

What can we do for you?

Wingle has decades of experience in organizing M&A transactions both in a full-service model, and as a trusted management-partner. Our professional team will do their best to manage M&A according to our clients' wishes. Wingle consulting department offers your business the following independent services, which can also be combined as required.

Preliminary analysis of the market and participating companies

Preliminary analysis of the market and participating companies, taking into account customers’ needs and requirements. Our specialists will conduct a full market research of the market of interest, evaluate its life cycle and business potential, as well as form a forecast of its further development, taking into account the timing of the proposed sale of the business

Selecting the most suitable company to sell and buy a business

Selecting the most suitable company for business sale and purchase. Wingle specialists will select the most suitable companies for sale and purchase of a business, taking into account the life cycle of the parties, the peculiarities of their business model, type of management, strategic interests, and goals. We have a unique database of business solutions that help mitigate potential risks and conflicts of interest in M&A transactions

Organizing and carrying out the M&A transaction

Specialists of the Consulting Department are ready to provide all necessary assistance in preparing purchase agreement, as well as in signing non-disclosure agreement and participating in negotiations to agree on the essential terms of the transaction (object of transaction, participants, price, terms, conditions of further development of business and its management, etc.)

Due diligence

As part of the M&A transaction, our experts will conduct a mandatory audit of the financial and business activities of the transaction parties and prepare an expert opinion on the presence/absence of potential economic, financial, legal risks and violation of antitrust laws. Upon request, our specialists are ready to provide the necessary assistance in submitting documents to the state registration authorities for M&A transactions and antitrust regulation.

Our specialists will do the following to you:

Detailed audit report

Transaction structure

Feasibility study

Term sheet

BO (binding offer)

Contractual assistance

Our competitive advantages in M&A-consulting:

More than ten years of experience in M&A-consulting for businesses in the sphere of e-commerce, cybersecurity, IoT projects, robotics, MedTech

Extensive network of business partners and investors around the world

One-stop-shop solution - we will make a personalized proposal for your business needs

Leadership article

Hardware startup. Guide on fundraising

Jawbone, an electronics company that raised $ 930 million in business capital, turned out to be one of its biggest failures. The company produced Bluetooth speakers, headsets, fitness trackers, and other personal electronics. In 2016, the company was forced to stop manufacturing its devices and sold the stock to resellers. The experts said that the company failed to establish its real value and state due to the excess funding. Jawbone could not adequately evaluate...

Hardware startup - article

China counseling

With many years of experience working with Chinese manufacturers, suppliers, QA and QC managers, Wingle can advise on the selection and cooperation with Chinese companies. Wingle managers are well versed in product certification and the necessary accompanying documentation required to import goods into your country.

The company can help you find the appropriate manufacturer or supplier that fully meets your business needs. Wingle only works with the best companies in China that have proven themselves in the market for decades.

China counseling

Leadership article

China counseling - article

How to prevent manufacturing setups issues in China

Want to try cooperation with a Chinese manufacturer? Read how to find look for a suitable manufacturer and set a technical task for him in order to avoid incidents in production.Specification mismatch is one of the most common problems of any product manager and manufacturer. Therefore, it is important to understand that the more detailed the specification is, the better the result will be and less time will be spent on revision or deficiencies elimination...

IP Consulting

Why is IP consulting and IP protection crucial for your business? Ensuring a long-term competitive position and sustainable business development in the digital economy is impossible without a proactive strategy for developing intellectual capital and finding best business practices and technologies that are protected by patents and licenses.

The institution of Prior Art Disclosure is used to avoid problems with patent law and to prevent possible losses from investments in intellectual property with an expiring life cycle.

IP Consulting

What do we offer?

Our company offers Prior Art Disclosure services to investors, venture teams, and Prior Art Research. Our team of professional analysts and patent law experts can help you solve even the most complex task of searching, selecting, and evaluating the technological potential of the intellectual property object of interest. Our key business products for customers:

A system for identifying new markets, promising technologies, and how to exploit them.

Benchmarking of patents and other intellectual property.

Technology scouting.

Analysis of competing technologies, -replicates and -killers.

Startup scouting.

Evaluation of the life cycle of patents, their value and investment attractiveness.

Technical radar of new technologies and innovations:

- the release of a scientific publication;
- registration of a patent;
- news item in the specialized media and social networks;
- significant changes in statistical data

Prior Art Research

Due-diligence services in the field of patent law.

The ground rules of our team

The work of our team is based on the following tenets:

Making strategic decisions solely on the basis of high-quality, verified data from a wide range of public and non-public sources;

Identifying weak signals and fundamental breakthroughs by multi-step filtering of information noise around innovative solutions;

Providing the client with an "all- in-one" service with the ability to personalize requests and needs in a personal account;

Inter-company cooperation with global patent centers and continuous client feedback to ensure impeccable service.

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