for startups

For startups

Wingle offers startup teams a comprehensive turnkey service of a full life-cycle innovation project. The company mission is to form a mature venture capital project ready for commercial scaling and independent movement to achieve technological leadership in the market of presence through combination and development of resources, competencies, and initiatives of the state, private investors, entrepreneurs, research, expert and educational organizations to create and promote innovative products and technologies.

For startups

Why choose us?

more than ten years of experience as a Managing Partner

long-term partnership contracts with innovation infrastructure support facilities and investment funds in Europe, Asia, UK, and the USA

more than 90 % of our client teams have successfully reached the Traction and Cusdev Stage

a highly qualified team of professional managers (average work experience in project management - 7 years)

100%-guaranteed provision of consulting services and legal protection of clients' interests within the framework of cooperation agreement

the ability to connect personal services tailored to the specifics of the startup project (market research, patent intelligence, R&D and HR services, technology audit, and expertise)

Check out the full range of Wingle services for your startup


ip assessment

WIMS AI based IP monitoring and IP protection

Supply chain

Supply chain resources

Supply chain management

Cost analysis and optimization

sales & distribution

Sales strategy

Key distributors selection

Market Entry Strategy

Facility-based services


Co-working space

Educational programs


Legal services

one-stop-shop solution

Wingle’s specialists will organize for your start-up full life circle support and project management in hardware and software spheres and suggest the personal strategy for commercialization and scaling your project.

product design & engineering

Product design

Product engineering

Engineering consulting

Product Simplification


Product testing

Professional consultations 24/7

Our product managers are open to your needs for the whole life circle of the project and ready to help your project at any time. Moreover, we can bring in rare specialists for solving some specific problems.

Acceleration roadmap

Acceleration roadmap

Why Wingle ?

Client-oriented approach
Control the process with your decisions
Speed and agility in finding relevant solutions.
We know how to solve biz challenges and build long-term business models
Deep immersion in the high-tech industry.
Our team of consultants have more than 10 years of IT experience

Leadership article

Hardware startup. Guide on fundraising

Jawbone, an electronics company that raised $ 930 million in business capital, turned out to be one of its biggest failures. The company produced Bluetooth speakers, headsets, fitness trackers, and other consumer electronics. In 2016, the company was forced to stop manufacturing its devices and sold the stock to resellers. The experts said that the company failed to establish its real value and state due to the excess funding. Jawbone could not adequately evaluate...

Hardware startup - article

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