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What is Xsider?

For many years Wingle specialists have been participating in the largest international exhibitions and meetings of the business community and are well aware of the time pressure factor when you want to see everything and get acquainted with all the participants. The software product of the talented team of programmers, business analysts, and marketers at Wingle present a revolutionary information gathering tool - Xsider. Focus your efforts on presenting your product and we'll take care of collecting information about the exhibitors you're interested in!

Xsider is a mobile app that aims to collect and structure information in the form of a dossier about an exhibitor or potential customer of interest. The mission of the product is to make way to monetize contacts at exhibitions as short as possible.

How it works

Scan a QR-code at the booth of interest or let the exhibitor staff do it for you.

Fill the form with the contact info (the name of the company, brand name, names of the first persons of the company are enough).

AI algorithm will process the data and form a dossier of the company, its products, key persons, and contacts.

You'll get a complete digital contact of interest, equipped with sorted-worthy information.

Competitive advantages of the Xsider application

Paperless format of communication with the person of interest

The option of sorting the received contacts by their importance, probability of further cooperation, uniqueness, and more - the user can set his preferences for contact sorting

Thanks to Xsider you can present your product and at the same time make a business offer with the participation of a virtual assistant or involve your company's specialists in a special "virtual meeting room"

Mapping the movements of the exhibitor you are interested in

Get more information about the contacts of your partner or competitor

Data protection with end-to-end encryption

Minimum operating requirements - the program is available for both smartphones and tablets

The application is free, but there is a subscription for extended services at an affordable price!

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