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January 6, 2022

How to prevent manufacturing setup issues in China

Want to try cooperation with a Chinese manufacturer? Read how to find a suitable manufacturer and set a specification to avoid incidents in production.

Creating requirements specification

Specification mismatch is one of the most common problems of any product manager and manufacturer. Therefore, it is crucial to understand that the more detailed the specification is, the better the result will be, and less time will be spent on revision or deficiencies elimination. The best option is to involve an experienced specialist to create the requirements specification, who has experience working with manufacturers and understands the subject matter.

Before starting the development of any product, you need to create an accurate specification and make sure that the development is carried out according to that specification. If the final product does not meet the specification, it may not function properly or sometimes be unpredictable.


Based on the many years of the Wingle company experience and customers who have contacted us for solving various problems, we noticed that a large percentage of development problems are associated with the mismatch of the finished product with the specification. Therefore, we consider it crucial to develop precise high-quality specifications at the initial stage and then conduct a thorough review by QA engineers.

Selecting of the manufacturer

When choosing a production, first you need to pay attention to the basic parameters: it is imperative to check reviews, pay attention to the rating, how long the manufacturer has been on the market, and its production capacity.

When choosing a manufacturer, also pay attention to how the Quality Control (QС) and Quality Assurance (QA) processes are arranged. Whether the manufacturer has them at all, how is quality control carried out, how detailed reports will be provided to you, how often you can contact engineers.

At first glance, it seems that QC and QA are the same because both professions are related to quality. But in fact, Quality Control is everything related to the production process and the fulfillment of requirements, so all the processes are carried out strictly according to the rules and on time. Quality Assurance is due to checking the result, how the product is made, and whether it meets the specification.

If the manufacturer does not have such specialists or they do not suit you according to some parameters, you will need to look for them and hire them separately.

Hiring staff in China

Together with the manufacturer, you will need a QC, QA, and an analyst for writing the requirements specification. Also, you will most likely need an agent who will help with the preparation of all documents, obtaining certificates, and will be in charge of logistics. Since manufacturers direct all their efforts to production, they do not have time to deal with the establishment of third-party processes, such as transportation and delivery of the products to other parts of the world.

In this case, cooperation with Wingle will suit you. Our company has all the necessary engineers for quality control and production, who will regularly visit the factory and make sure that the development is on time and according to the specification. For more than ten years of work, Wingle has established a large number of manufacturing partnerships, our managers can choose the perfect match for you according to your request.

Finding a testing laboratory

After an item has been produced, it must be tested. It requires a full-fledged laboratory with a wide range of services. Laboratories test products for human safety, meet specific quality standards and provide analytical data on product quality.  

Wingle has laboratories in China and the United States, which helps to provide customers with a full range of services from sample sourcing, to testing and delivery to the warehouse.


Summing up, we know how complicated the work with Chinese manufacturers is and how much time it takes to establish good partnerships with manufacturers, QA, QC agents, and other professionals. We can provide companies with a comprehensive solution from scratch, no matter what stage of product development is. Just submit your RFP, and our managers will contact you shortly.

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