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January 6, 2022

The Age of AI: Accelerating the impact of artificial intelligence in vaping

AI and ML technologies that improve our lives are infiltrating every area. AI is slowly entering the vaping industry as well. Today it is complicated to say what future this technology will have in the field of vaping because the industry is a newborn for now. In this article, you can find out about the current innovations and research on this topic. And if you have your project in mind, you may find a hint of what to do next.

AI vape devices

AI progress does not stand still, and now we see how to apply this technology to vapes. For example, the iJoy Avenger 270, a fully voice-controlled kit. The device understands the following commands:

  • Auto power
  • Auto watt
  • Power high
  • Power low
  • Lock device
  • Unlock device
  • Turn on light
  • Change color
  • Music light
  • Romantic Light
  • Light Off
  • Shut Down

It adds more fun to the vaping process. Really, who would not want to surprise friends with such a spectacular device?

But AI technologies can bring not only fun but also value to people. Just like PLONQ disposable e-cigarettes. The device is perfect for those who want to quit smoking. PLONQ AI algorithms analyze each puff and session and replicate the smoking habit of a person. After studying the smoking habit of a user, it will help reduce the amount of nicotine and sessions until complete quitting.

How it works

The device counts the number of sessions, duration, the number of puffs, how strong they are, and the time gap between vaping sessions. All this data creates a personalized user profile and syncs with a user’s smartphone. After gathering the data, the user will see the average number of puffs and nicotine intake a day. A user can set their own nicotine level goals in the app and see the most suitable time to quit smoking.

AI vaping trends

The greatest innovation regarding AI in the vaping industry is the AI-powered technology that helps people quit smoking. Some people cannot get rid of not just the habit of smoking but nicotine addiction. They can also experience severe physical discomfort and side effects of quitting when they quit nicotine use abruptly. Therefore, scientists developed a solution for such people. It will collect statistics, display them, and build a plan to reduce the amount of nicotine used. This approach is interesting in that the app takes into account the smoking habits of each user individually.

There are American companies that have another case of AI application.

Those companies provide schools with AI-assisted systems that notify teachers and administrators of suspected vaping cases in toilets.

Development difficulties

As for machine learning and artificial intelligence in vaping, this is not developing as quickly as in other areas. Many countries severely restrict the sale and use of vapes while other countries completely prohibit it. And these conditions change from time to time. Therefore, people do not invest many resources in research related to VapeTech. But people are now exploring ways to quit smoking permanently and machine learning models to determine with what probability a particular teenager can start smoking in the future.

The development of technology is impossible without sufficient research, and we know this well because we have clients who ask for such help. 

The importance of expert advice

Certain problems may require solutions that can only be achieved by addressing them to the experts who specialize in their field. Expertise takes time, so a specialist who constantly works in the same area will know more. Most importantly, this specialist can offer unique solutions that would not have come to a person who superficially studied some topic. Project and team leaders can effectively initiate, design, and execute projects based on accurate data and experience. The presence of experienced people on the project is of great importance in the future when the project is released and greatly affects the quality.

Bottom line

The use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in the vaping industry is practically a free area that does not yet have plenty of solutions and inventions. If you have ideas on how to implement AI or ML in the vaping industry, we can conduct a feasibility study and collect and sort data about already existing information, projects, and patents. We can guarantee complete safety and non-disclosure of data. If you have any questions or requests, please, contact us via the RFP page.

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